MusicEnt Coaching
Whether it’s on the stage or in the studio, with one-on-one coaching, we facilitate artists in learning how to bring out the performer in themselves. By stepping out of that oh so comfortable comfort-zone, we help to shed light on what areas need some work. Step into confidence. Get comfortable with yourself and your body. Learn how to express yourself and engage an audience; give them a show to remember. Below are just a few of the key notes we focus on.

Performance Coaching
Stage patter Communicate & Connect with audience. Developing your unique style Getting your “show-flow” on? Mic technique Having control Learning how to use the stage Oops, what do I do now?

Studio Performance Coaching
Owning the song Getting the sound you need How to “go for it” Do you need to be Auto-tuned? Bringing the magic to the recording Doing your own harmonies Mic technique.

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